We love our patients and they love us! See some of the things our clients have said about us below.


Patient care and well-being is #1 for them and it certainly shows!
“Dr. Choi and his team are amazing, warm, and brighten my life every time I enter their office. Racine, the front desk receptionist, is simply the sweetest, and Dr. Choi and Dr. Koop are knowledgeable, caring, and masters of chiropractic care. All of the massage therapists are impactful and helped me feel better immediately after my car accident.”

–Kelley, Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA


Much thanks to the team at Cerritos Chiropractic!
“I feel very fortunate to have met Dr. Choi’s practice after my terrible car accident. The car was totaled on the freeway, collided 5 times with other vehicles, a very traumatizing event.

My lawyer referred me here and the treatments, claim process explained by Dr. Choi is so transparent and he is definitely on your side, and wants you to be well physically, emotionally, and financially. I can’t express my gratitude enough. The staff at this practice are all professional, approachable, and accommodating. It’s everything you would want after a traumatic event.

If you currently suffered a car accident and don’t know what to do, come here!”

–Jull Y., Los Angeles, CA


I have enjoyed and felt comfortable at every visit.
“I come here because I was in a car accident and was having back pain. They have been very helpful since the beginning and even helped me schedule an MRI to find out the issue. The massages and alignment that I get weekly have helped A LOT!

Dr. Choi is very thorough when he is explaining things. He asks and makes sure that you understand. I feel comfortable asking him questions even if they seem “silly”.

I would recommend friends and family here. The service is amazing and the receptionist are extremely nice.”

–Scarlette L., Carson, CA


Dr. Choi is personable, professional and informative!
“I have been coming here for 3 years now after being referred. A journey that all started with a 2013 New Years Goal to invest in myself. Who would have known that just 5 months into my goal I’d become a REGULAR & I do mean REGULAR at this place! (Thanking a Back Breaking Pregnancy for that!) I was so scared to have Chiropractic care to begin with let alone while pregnant. Dr. Choi and his team erased my fears, SAVED me and took care of my aches and pains.

I’ve continued to come here ever since. Dr. Choi is personable, professional and informative! The staff here is awesome & organized and the massage rooms and masseuses are relaxing and calming.”

–Brandy N., Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Choi is a chiropractor’s chiropractor!
“Dr Kent is a gifted chiropractor. His knowledge of personal injury cases has few peers. He had a remarkable record of success and is well-connected with the medical community. His reputation, sterling in the insurance industry. His patients are well cared for and get great outcomes.”

–Shawn S., Surfside, CA


“I love this Chiropractor. He’ss very good at his job. I always feel good when I’m done and NOT to mention his STAFF! The massage ladies are “ON IT” – they know just what pressure points to hit. Christina was AMAZING. She worked my thighs and feet out. I have serious legs issues and they are TRUE PROFESSIONALS…!”

–Bacon J., Compton, CA


If you need a pro in personal injury management this is the place for you.
“As chiropractors go there are many styles and philosophies out there. If you’re looking for a doctor who exemplifies professionalism and really understands the way that the personal injury world works, Dr. Choi is your man. Not only will he give you excellent care, but he will make sure that all areas of your injury have been properly diagnosed and treatment protocols have been utilized.

There are so many doctors that don’t properly diagnose your injuries and later on you end up paying for it with aches and pains that never fully healed or that could have been addressed if they were at least uncovered. This is not the case at Dr Choi’s practice. He is not in it for himself, he is in it for his clients, to make sure that they get the best care possible. I have been inside his practice and seen that it is clean and professional with easy access and parking. He has many massage therapists as an added adjective therapy option.”

–Kevin C., Pasadena, CA


I’ll get straight to the point -I am confident you will enjoy your visit.
“Staff: The girls at the front desk are awesome, friendly, and professional. They took the time to get to know you and greet you by name every time you come in. Friendly reminder calls for scheduled appointment, and if you can’t keep that time they will do what they can to get you in the next available slot.

Therapist: I’ve been to Dr. Choi office for 6 months due to an auto accident. So I’ve been seen by most of the therapist. They are all great no question about it, just personally preference. With that said I do personally prefer Heather and do request her when available. She’s very caring and seems to enjoy her work. Very insightful and give great advice to help with the treatment. Always a pleasure thanks Heather!!!

Dr Choi: Great guy all around very knowledgeable very attentive and very easy to talk to. He actually listen and try to give the best guide as to what treatment should be taken. I feel very comfortable talking to and getting the treatment with Dr Choi, any questions asked are answered no sugar coating. Treatments are great, I am confident you will enjoy your visit.”

–Van C., Long Beach, CA


Dr. Choi and his staff truly care about their patients’ well-being.
“I was referred to Dr. Choi from a friend who also received Dr. Choi’s care and guidance. I had just gotten into an accident and I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t know what was the right process to take to be compensated for my injury. Dr. Choi gave me immediate attention to my injury and then guided me through the complicated process of receiving a settlement for my injury.

I received a professional massage on every visit. Excellent chiropractic care and consultation, and a warm welcome from the front staff on every visit.

Thank you.”

–John H., Long Beach, CA